Micropeer Compute Infrastructure Services

Let Micropeer manage your infrastructure, while you manage your environment. We will transform your IT Infrastructure through compute innovation


Micropeer provides fast, flexible, and affordable compute capacity to fit any workload need, from high performance bare metal instances and flexible VMs to lightweight containers and serverless computing.

Improved efficiency and security in your data center

Micropeer delivers advanced solutions for critical server infrastructure and next-generation security. These architectures go beyond standard perimeter-based protection to enable integrated frameworks that prevent, detect, and recover from a wide range of threats. Our goal is to design data environments that allow IT specialists to operate at the speed of modern business. Enabling virtualized, high-scale data systems, organizations become empowered with a modern infrastructure that is fully automated, secure, and relevant to the applications that are driving success in today’s digital economy. Make the transition from yesterday’s application and server virtualization to modern container- and micro services-based offerings.

Mind your business, not the cloud

You’ve got more important things to do than worry about your compute infrastructure. A business to run, employees to inspire and innovations to rapidly develop, test and get to market. You can’t afford to lose focus on what matters — your customers. Micropeer can help ensure your cloud computing infrastructure doesn’t get in the way of your success.

Why Compute Infrastructure Service from Micropeer?

High-performance servers

Be online in minutes with powerful cloud servers you can configure to your workload needs.

Manage Kubernetes

Deploy independent microservices into cloud environments with platform as a service.

Serverless without compromise

Run your code with almost no limits and pay as you go, even scaling down to zero.

Modern, global data centers

Micropeer experts have expertise to make you up and running quickly across Cloud data centers and PoPs in 6 regions

Bare metal servers

Micropeer arranged single-tenant cloud servers dedicated to you, unshared server resources, with payment system as you go.

Virtual servers for classic infrastructure

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