Micropeer Incident Detection and Response

Micropeer Incident Detection and Response offers proactive monitoring and incident management for our clients selected workloads.The service designed to help you reduce damage for a sudden breach, speedy recovery, failures on your workloads and to improve future cyber resilience effictively

Start at the Source

We start with your data wherever it originates-whether your employee’s endpoints are in the office or remote. Your network, firewall, security logs, and more are constantly monitored to rapidly identify known threats while using proprietary analytics to identify new ones.
Micropeer’s always-on technology rapidly identifies and blocks threats and suspicious activity on your devices. Suspicious activity is investigated and disrupted by the Micropeer SOC.
Detect threats and quickly respond to security incidents with 24/7 monitoring, detailed analysis, and access to global security alerts.

Endpoint Security Monitor

Data created in your endpoints passes through our Endpoint Security Monitor—the first line of defense for attack prevention, detection, and remediation with the power to identify known and unknown threats using advanced behavioral analytics.
We safeguard your endpoints, no matter where they’re located with 24/7 incident detection. We uncover and isolate adversaries and prevent lateral spread.

Micropeer Security Analytics Platform

Your data enters our proprietary platform that provides enhanced visibility and detection enabling stronger threat responses. Your IT environment is analyzed to produce only actionable alerts in order to reduce alert fatigue.
Our security analytics combination software, algorithms, and analytic processes to detect potential threats to your systems.

Procedure followed by micropeer for Incident detection & response


Incident Response Readiness Assessment

Identify communication and coordination mechanisms and involved parties. Determine and access hardware, software, and resources needed for incident analysis and mitigation. Ensure you have visibility into the necessary systems.

Incident Response Plans

An IRP includes specific response actions based on the type of security incident (such as ransomware to account compromise) and provides a playbook for how to respond and who to notify.

If you have a solid IRP in place, the next actions your organization should follow what’s outlined in the IRP.

Incident Response Playbooks

We will create a customized playbook for you, based on the most relevant cyberthreats facing your organization. Micropeer playbooks help your team to analyze and response rapidly.

Conduct Tabletop Exercise

Perform initial analysis and validation for the incident and its indicators to determine incident’s scope. This includes – what systems are affected, who or what originated the incident, and how the incident is occurring.Discover gaps in policies, procedures, and processes with this interactive exercise.

Threat Hunting

 Determine and access hardware, software, and resources needed for incident analysis and mitigation. Ensure you have visibility into the necessary systems. Our proactive data review searches for signs of attacks that may have evaded previous detection.

Compromise Assessment

Our assessment searches for indicators of compromise (IOCs) or threat actors in your environment.

Emergency Services

Micropeer incident response team is always on call 24x7x365, ready to manage and remediate in the case of a data breach.

Conduct Post-Incident Training

Micropeer provide specialized training workshop that will help your teams build the skills and experience they need to combat cyberthreats effectively.

Micropeer Threat Detection and Response Infograph

Threats are everywhere. We are your partner in defense.

Monitor infrastructure and receive detailed analysis and relevant alerts against a globally sourced catalog of known and emerging security threats. It all starts with your data. We ingest data from multiple sources, correlating it across your network, endpoint, log, and cloud sources.


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