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Managing a transportation or logistics business is tough. Let’s make it a little easier with Micropeer Tech Solutions.

The transportation and logistics industries are busier than ever. Rising need for quick, efficient, accurate deliveries to both consumers and businesses is a great opportunity. One area that many transportation and logistics businesses are outsourcing to help with this is their technology management. Micropeer can help integrate teams and programs, support better communication and collaboration, increase visibility, boost security, and design your infrastructure in a way that saves money and drives goal completion.


We are dedicated to revolutionizing the way businesses manage their transportation and logistics operations. With our innovative IT solutions, we empower organizations to streamline their processes, optimize efficiency, and drive growth.

Transportation Management System (TMS)

Our robust Transportation Management System is designed to simplify and automate your transportation operations. From order management and carrier selection to route optimization and real-time tracking, our TMS enables you to efficiently manage your entire supply chain, reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Our Warehouse Management System empowers you to optimize your warehouse operations, improve inventory accuracy, and enhance order fulfillment. With features such as inventory tracking, picking and packing optimization, and automated workflows, our WMS ensures efficient warehouse management and smooth operations.

Fleet Management Solutions

Our comprehensive Fleet Management Solutions provide end-to-end visibility and control over your fleet. From vehicle tracking and driver performance monitoring to maintenance scheduling and fuel management, our solutions enable you to enhance safety, reduce costs, and maximize fleet utilization.

Supply Chain Visibility

Gain real-time visibility into your supply chain with our advanced visibility solutions. Track shipments, monitor inventory levels, and analyze data to identify bottlenecks and make informed decisions. Our supply chain visibility tools empower you to optimize your supply chain, reduce lead times, and improve overall efficiency.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Unlock the power of data with our advanced analytics and reporting services. Our team of data experts will help you collect, analyze, and visualize data to gain valuable insights into your transportation and logistics operations. Leverage these insights to identify trends, make data-driven decisions, and drive continuous improvement.

Custom Software solutions

  • Fleet management.
  • Route planning and optimization.
  • Shipping document management.



Your local manufacturing IT partner, on-site and on-call

Micropeer offers our clients the best of both worlds: locally based engineers, service staff and vCIOs (virtual Chief Information Officers) who manage your account and service calls, backed up by a national network of highly trained techs. Your facility will be covered by US-based, certified service techs at any hour.

Your local, dedicated vCIO, will conduct strategic assessments, gap analysis, and project management for your IT. They ensure our clients have the right network capacity, hardware/software, and cybersecurity solutions they need to fulfill your company’s needs, whether that’s on the shop floor, in the field, or in the office.

Proven Expertise

We have proven expertise in Customer Experience Transformation, Application Transformation Management, Legacy Modernization, Product Engineering, Digital Assurance (Independent Testing Services), Infrastructure Management Services and Business Process Services to meet our customer needs.

Cut costs while you improve your productivity

With our managed service packages, we’ll handle all the headaches for you. No more spending hours on the phone, playing vendor roulette while your systems are down. We’ve got you.

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Trust Micropeer Transportation and Logistics IT Services to be your technology partner in revolutionizing your business operations. Together, let’s navigate the future of transportation and logistics with innovative IT solutions.


One call. That’s all it takes. Whether you need a partial system upgrade, or a complete digital transformation, every step is strategized, executed and supported by Micropeer, to your specifications and approval.


Micropeer’s national support teams are the first in Canada who are trained and equipped to deliver First-Time-Fix service for same-day solutions. You get more uptime and more value.

Ready to optimize your transportation and logistics operations?

Get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation. Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your unique requirements and design a tailored IT solution that drives efficiency, enhances visibility, and delivers tangible results.

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