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IT Asset Disposition

Your IT infrastructure is constantly changing. Whether from office and data center moves, cloud consolidation, new equipment rollout, or adherence to new legislation—you need a way to properly recycle, repurpose, and destroy e-waste. And that’s where MICROPEER IT Asset Disposition services can help with proven expertise

What we do

Maximize Value & Minimize Risk

Micropeer serves as your one-stop-provider for complete ITAD services. We remove every ounce of risk from the moment of pick up to processing. As a  IT asset disposition company, we are committed to data security. Dispose of unwanted electronics while protecting sensitive data and helping the environment. We guarantee global excellence as a world-class IT asset disposition provider and manufacturing services.

Risk Mitigation, Value Recovery, Responsible Recycling

Reduce risk, cost and complexity when your IT assets reach end-of-life with our comprehensive suite of IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) solutions. Protect your company by ensuring compliance with environmental and data security regulations and recover value from your retired assets. Focus your resources – and enhance program value – with a broad range of optional lifecycle support services.   

Micropeer ITAD Services

Micropeer's IT Asset Disposition Process

Micropeer provides complete ITAD services. From electronics recycling to data destruction, we are the premier ITAD partner. Regardless if the electronics are recyclcled or refurbished and resold, we make sure all of your sensitive data is unrecoverable.


We provide secure transportation to our state-of-the-art processing facility. We even prepare and package the electronics for you.

Asset Audit

Every piece of electronics equipment is evaluated by our certified team of experts to determine if it will be recycled or refurbished. Identifying data, such as serial numbers, are recorded.

Data Destruction

We are obsessed with data security. Any sensitive data on your hardware will be destroyed through shredding or sanitization. Both methods leave your private information untraceable.

Process & Recycle

If there is no resale value, Micropeer’s innovative shredding system leaves every byte of data unrecoverable. Our electronics recycling process minimizes your footprint on the environment while promoting a circular economy.


Refurbish & Resell

If electronics have reuse potential, then the hardware goes through a process known as data sanitization which involves purging and clearing data. Refurbished electronics help reduce e-waste and promotes sustainability.


Micropeer’s detailed documentation and reporting confirms that the ITAD process was carried out properly. Adequate documentation is necessary for auditing and compliance.



Why Consider IT Asset Disposition

Remove Your Risk

From the moment of pick up, we assume all risk. Every step of our ITAD process is designed to securely destroy data and eliminate the risk of a security breach.

Generate Value

Decommissioned assets waste space and money when they are left to collect dust. ITAD allows you to refresh technology while generating value on retired assets.

Protect Your Brand

Regardless of your industry, you can be at risk for data breaches and their costly consequences. Data breaches can ruin a company’s reputation which is why ITAD programs are critical in protecting data and reducing the risk of a data breach.

Protect Your Data

Through proper asset disposition, Cobalt prevents the possibility of sensitive information coming back to haunt your business. Guarantee the safety for your company and your customers through ITAD.

Embrace Sustainability

Micropeer goes the extra mile to protect your brand, provide online visibility to your off-site assets, and keep harmful materials out of the environment. Help us create the circular loop of the recyclable materials present in your hardware while disposing of damaging chemicals that destroy ecosystems.

Peace Of Mind

You have more important things to worry about than if your retired electronic assets are destroyed or recycled properly. Working with an R2 Certified ITAD provider can give you the peace of mind knowing that your data is secure and your risk is eliminated.

Why Choose Micropeer?

Micropeer making it possible for our customers to use, re-use and re-invest their IT hardware and tech devices, we support their goal of lowering the total cost of ownership while reducing pressure on the environment and improving the security of supply.

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