Security Implementation Services

Micropeer Security Solutions Built to Work Together and offers a strategy to secure your IT infrastructure, both on-prem and off, for effective business integration.

How The Implementation Starts?

Our certified security specialists meticulously evaluate your environment and provide you with a complete report on the implementation of on-prem or off-prem infrastructure that Eliminate Complexity and Strengthen Your Visibility accordingly

Our Implementation Strategy Provide The Transparency You Need

Micropeer can identify risks and threats to your mid-market business with a complete scan of your existing networks and systems and take step to implement Security Infrastructure as you need to manage the known vulnerabilities and upcoming attacks.

Security Implementation strategy


Enterprise Security Architecture (ESA)

The world has changed; security is not the same beast as before. Today’s risk factors and threats are not the same, nor as simple as they used to be. Micropeer will help secure your enterprise for the future by building a durable security architecture. We will implement a zero-trust approach to help eliminate even the most advanced cyberthreats instantly.

Development and Security Operations (DevSecOps)

Micropeer expertise help to improve integration among teams, plus streamline your development and security operations with our DevSecOps approach.Our security analytics combination software, algorithms, and analytic processes to detect potential threats to your systems.

Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

Micropeer Bringing MDR best practices and the right tools and people together to protect your data.The response mechanism connects multiple data points to drive actionable results with incident management.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Simplify and streamline your user authentication process with our state-of-the-art identity access management service, ensuring only authorized users have access to sensitive data. Its make system more secure than ever.


Micropeer Security Implementation Always Follow the Zero Trust Architecture.

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